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Monica Cruz - Thomas Buchwalder Photoshoot 2010

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Emma Roberts meeting at her agents office in Beverly Hills 30-11-2010

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Evangeline Lilly *Out N About* In Hawaii -December 1st 2010

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она беременна???)))))

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Camilla Belle & Alexa Vega "From Prada To Nada" *Press Stills* -2010

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о чем это вообще? О_о

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Natalie Portman - Who Magazine Sexiest People 2010

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Pictures of Rob and Emilie from the Vogue Photoshoot HQ's

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Ashley Greene - Cosmopolitan Magazine January 2011 + advert

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Оу...тут даже милая)))

+ Advert for Mark

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Emma Watson - BURBERRY Fall Winter 2009

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Katy Perry - Rolling Stone Issue - August 19, 2010

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Marilyn Monroe - 1962

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In the second week of June 1962, Marilyn Monroe began working, with photojournalist George Barris, on a cover story for Cosmopolitan magazine. The idea behind the project, suggested by Barris, was:

''What was Marilyn's future now that she was turning thirty-six? The title of the film she was working on, Something's Got to Give, could well apply to her career. Could she at thirty-six continue to play sexy, beautiful young women?''

From June 9 until July 18 the photographer had taken a group of indoor and outdoor shots of Marilyn, including a series at Santa Monica beach and he had interviewed the star at length for the Cosmo story and for a book about her life, they planned on putting together...

'As far as I'm concerned, the happiest time of my life is now. There's a future, and I can't wait to get to it. It should be interesting.''

George Barris:'
'It was around 7:30 P.M., Friday, July 13, 1962 when i took the last picture of her ever on that beach. At the end of that same day i lost one of my shoes when a huge wave came and took it away. I asked her, ''What do i do with one shoe? ''The ocean apparently needs it more than you do,'' she said, and with that, both of us barefoot, we left Santa Monica beach forever."

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Jennifer Aniston - Harper's Bazaar - Sept. 2010

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Liv Tyler in Dutch ELLE Magazine - May 2010 + advert

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+ Advert for G Star Raw

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Jessica Alba - FHM Australia September 2010

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Camilla Belle - Elle (Oct. 2010)

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Cameron Diaz - Harper's BAZAAR, Aug. 2010

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Dakota Fanning - Marie Claire, August 2010

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Ashley Greene, Dakota Fanning, Bryce Dallas Howard (Vanity Fair UK - June 2010)

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Reese Witherspoon - ceremonies unveiling her star @ Hollywood Walk of Fame (dec.1)

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Milla Jovovich & her daughter Ever Gabo at Mel's drive-in in Los Angeles - November 3

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Rose McGowan ~ "Dead Awake" Premiere / Hollywood, Nov 30

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ЧТО У НЕЕ С ЛИЦОМ???....О_О или мне кажется?

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